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HALLELUJAH DISCO: is a multimedia stage show that chronologically follows the birth of the NYC club
scene, witnessed by one of it’s most influential participants, NICKY SIANO. It begins on June 28, 1969,
PRIDE’S INCEPTION spawned by THE STONEWALL RIOTS, which celebrates their 50th ANNIVERSARY
2019. The Mafia lost control of club ownership when those riots caused NYC laws to be changed, which in
turn allowed passionate participants to open clubs of their own. Those underground clubs, led by the Loft and the Gallery, created the club scene we know today. Nicky Siano, the owner/DJ of the Gallery, speaks of his personal experiences during HALLELUJAH; while the visuals behind him lead the audience on a journey
through the streets of New York circa ’69-’79 where peep show signs boast a 5 cent ticket price and films a
dime on the street called forty deuce, long gone and rebuilt by Disney. The projections include a conversation between the Godfather of House, Mr. Frankie Knuckles and Nicky causing audibly gasps in the audience who are frightened, confused, yet willing to give themselves over to the theatrical effect.